At Planloader we understand the true power of data. We have developed a unique platform where users can either create a unique account for their business or join an existing one, ensuring there is always one single source of truth.

What is it?

Our system is unique from the offset. When you create an account for your business, we will verify if your organisation is unique to our business before creating a new account where you will be made the default account owner, or in the case the organisation already has an account we will send a request to the existing owner. The reason is simple, developing a single source of truth allows for more useful data and analytics when it comes to your business.
Planloader is customisable at account level So if you feel like breaking your account into manageable departments as it grows larger with resposnible account administrators then you can do just that.

  • Only one global account per organisation
  • Account can be split into Divisions and assigned owners
  • One single source of data per organisation for analytics
  • Logical accessibility rights for all users