Everybody wants to feel like they are adding value. Money is not the only way to motivate people. Being able to identify where the workforce has done a good job and giving them the credit that they deserve can be very motivating. Planloader provides users with the ability to showcase their hardwork through the collected data. This is very powerful and users have demonstrated that they will go the extra mile because their efforts are recorded.

What is it?

Regular users of Uber or AirBnB will understand how their profiles are ranked based on the users conduct or performance. Planloader operates in a similar manner as performance data is recorded based on the user’s capability and outputs. A detailed list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) statistics are immediately available as PlanLoader essentially supplements the user’s CV automatically. Using the example of a carpenter, imagine that over the course of the year, they have fitted 500 doors. PlanLoader provides this individual with a full breakdown of the works completed. It details the success rate for the user and includes information surrounding any reasons for work that did not go according to plan. This is extremely useful information that can be called upon during appraisals or job interviews. This information is equally useful to prospective employer’s looking to hire productive staff and and optimise their resources. Planloader aim to develop a ranking system based on performance. It doesn’t stop there, Planloader will provide competitions and league tables for users to improve not only their professional development, but also health & wellbeing. Planloader will provide top ranking members with monthly and annual prizes. Planloader places a focus on data utilisation to ensure that organisations get the maximum return from their investments.

  • Digital CV developed for Continuous professional development
  • Users receive ranking and badges as they develop Incentivised competitions for best employees
  • Integrations with health & wellbeing applications & IoT