Applications like Salesforce and websites like Crunchbase allow members to review organisational performance against the industry standards. This promotes good business practice and ensures that the more capable organisations are showcased ahead of their less-able peers.

By utilising all the performance data collected from Planloader, we are able to build a CRM style database for members to access and review their performance in terms of Quality, Schedule and Cost against the rest of the industry. So how do we measure this data?

What is it?

This information comes from the ground up, and provides statistics at each level. So from an individual users statistics and performance, to a team, to a board, project or even across a portfolio. Management can review dashboards on performance, PPC, Planned v Actuals, Delays, Cost and Quality.
The construction industry is one of the least productive in the world, with over 83% of members non-digitalised, not connected. Many of these users have the latest apps on their phones for their personal lifestyle, yet when it comes to their work environment the industry is still heavily reliant on paper. Using Planloader now allows us to collect all the data from project sites through Boards and team members and allows organisations and businesses to better visualise and monitor their productivity and easily identify root causes and issues that may impact on either a projects schedule or cost.

  • PPC dashboarding
  • Overdue tasks dashboard
  • Repeat offender dashboarding
  • All dashboards roll up to overall business stats