The most important aspect of any project or task is the ability to quickly communicate. Inevitably, certain tasks will experience problems and blockers may impede progress. Having an effective communication system is essential for quickly resolving these issues.

What is it?

Planloader allows teams to utilise a similar style messaging application for task-focused discussions. The mobile users have a simple messenger interface where they can converse with their colleagues that have also been assigned to the task. If a blocker is tagged in the task onversation, the communication is escalated so that the communication moves in a vertical direction to their Manager. This ensures that the correct person is involved in resolving the issue. Users can attach hashtags and labels to the task messages which easily identified at a later date. Instant task-focused messaging promotes active collaboration. Issues are promptly addressed to improve performance (Safety, Quality, Time and Cost of project delivery). Users can go back through their conversations and quickly find messages relating to lessons learned from previous works. The communications trails also assists to provide a detailed archive should contractual issues arise.

  • Direct messaging capabilities to fellow team members Messaging within each tasks
  • Roadblock signal “SOS” button for encountered issues Full #search capabilities for labelled items