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Import & export functionality for those of you who want more from your data

Utilise our customised dashboarding to monitor your projects performance

For those of you with more skills export the data and build your own dashboards with any data any time.

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Cross project and organisation reporting and root cause analytics

Learn from your previous lessons learned and root causes

Understand how you can improve further decisions by analysing the collected data

Monitor your planned v actuals, team performance ratings from organisational level or project specific deliverables.

Predictive analysis trending data across your organisation.

Trend data and machine learning for predictive analysis on future projects based on historic projects.

See planloader grow as your own personal assistant as it learns your project and organisational deliverables and prompts suggestions based on your data

Each team member can build their own Continuous professional development dashboard with real time learning and awards for works complete to good time and quality.

Companies that trust us

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