Organise the who, what where and when with a smart interactive task list.

Manage and delegate your work with customisable approval processes

Choose between a Single Approver or Multiple Approvers

Approve an activity on a board depending on your role

Give responsibility to approve a specific activity or task to someone else, so you don't have to worry about it

Intuitive overlay functionality of board for simple management of your tasks

Overlay as many boards as you wish to have a full overview of your schedule details

Distinguish every board by their own unique colours with full search and filter capabilities

Toggle off a board to hide information about the specific board and choose which ones to focus on

Clever visual tracking of your teams progress across a project

See activities and tasks belonging to a specific board all in one place

Learn about their progress by checking their live status and progress in the duration bar

Have a full understanding of who is in charge of that activity/task, where it is located and how many team members are working on it

Label your jobs in terms of priority and discipline

Define the category and label to facilitate reporting and analytics on your activities and tasks

Assign labels to tasks for root cause analysis, package assignment and much more

Easily and quickly filter and action tasks by labels

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