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Help your team know where they need to go by visualising location on the map.

PlanLoader provides a unique location based project management services specially designed for large scale construction project. With this feature user can easily navigate through all their construction projects based in distinct locations and are registered in the PlanLoader application. 


Navigate seamlessly your organisations portfolio

Toggle between real world map view of your portfolio down into specific rooms and levels within your project

Full management of your organizations business units, projects and team members

Global search functionality of organizations and resources.

PlanLoader's location based project management feature provides the user with real time live status updates of their globally situated projects in one place through the PlanLoader Desktop and Mobile application. Even in times of remote working PlanLoader can give the user a full dashboard/overview of their projects in real time which are miles away. 

Geo locating all your works to go in real time

See your team's location on map view across your site and buildings

Live progress of task details associated with an area or room

Provide real time dashboarding of your works to go across your project hierarchy


PlanLoader's location based project management feature not just provides the user with real time overview of progress but also detects conflicts based on the floor plan or site plan that's submitted for the project. PlanLoader identifies different types of tasks and if two tasks are programmed in the same room at the same time or day depending on the nature of the tasks it instantly raises a conflict and sends out alert to all the designated people in that project who are on PlanLoader. 


Identify busy areas and potential conflicts between project teams

Activity and Task details displayed against assigned locations

Identify where potential conflicts or congestion may occur between your project teams

Move and organise your teams into areas and keep them safe from restricted or busy zones

I would use Planloader for its messaging capabilities alone, far more structured to working environment than whatsapp or slack.

 Peter Sockett 

Construction Director

Been very handy tool to manage my team of cleaners across a large geograhic spread. I can visualise my team across different cities or home in on a particular building and floor.

Paul O Connor 

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I would recommend Planlaoder to anyone who would want to digitalise their project management approach. It's very easy to use even for a novice and saves up lot of hustle.

 Claire Crowley 

Project Controls Director

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