We continue our focus on location inside the project within our boards. We offer the ability to leverage Google Maps for the larger geographic or civil based jobs.

When the project is more specific in building construction or layout, we invite our users to insert floor plans automatically from a Revit model, in order to give management visibility on resources and tasks across the project with full version history and live updates.

What is it?

Planloader places a huge emphasis on the ‘where’ when it comes to project management. Location meta-data is embedded into tasks and resources so that they can be tracked on the applications map/satellite view. Projects can be easily identified whether they are scattered across the globe or tightly packed in a congested city centre.
Planloader has a unique Add-on which automatically extracts the 2D floor plan views of your project from the 3D Building Information Model (BIM). This allows the user to identify specific areas or rooms while also providing the ability to quickly select the required level associated with the project.
This feature offers the user immense power. It ensures that users can understand where activities are taking placing and where the necessary resources are placed. The integrated Audit Trail provides the user with the ability to review this information retrospectively. The entire history of the project can be reviewed through an intelligent and visually appealing interface that project managers could only have dreamed of previously. Users can effectively go back in time and review what activities were on, where they were taking place and what resources were assigned to those locations as well as providing a breakdown of the performance.

  • Pin tasks to geographic location
  • Import 2D layout to monitor staff whereabouts
  • Coordinate staff and resources in congested areas
  • Full history of task and resource locations for payments