Planloader's unique selling point is its focus on location throughout the application. We know location is everything. This focus begins immediately at high level when you enter the platform, whether creating or viewing projects, you have visuals of the entire portfolio, local or global. This gives you a quick and easy method to toggle between your projects at your own leisure.

What is it?

At PlanLoader we take each individual's needs into consideration under consideration, we have a fully customisable project hierarchy. Users can add projects in three ways:
a standalone project - ideal for single project use, a two level project - for multiple sub-projects within a large overall project otherwise or, a three level project - suited to portfolios of works involving multiple large projects across different geographical locations.
As projects in the construction industry are carried out in a number of phases, it'll be very usefull and easy for a users to organise it if he/she creates a single portfolio for all the phases.

  • Customisable Project Hierarchy
  • Different geographic location for each project
  • Project portfolio creation by grouping similar projects
  • Creation of multiple project under a single project