Mobilise the right team for your job using smart Resource Management system.

Never be unsure with Task start prompts from your team on mobile app.

Assign team members to your tasks where they are directly notified via mobile & desktop notification

Team members have ability to accept the job or flag their unavailability resulting in early warnings for your task

Your team have all they need to know at their fingertips about their task and have direct communication chat functionality if any issues arise.

Manage your team’s bandwidth with intuitive team selection

Your teams online and busy status will identify whom is available for selection

Search for the right team member for your job by looking for their skills

Team members already assigned to other jobs will appear busy.

Manage your organisations man power and your teams load balance

Quickly identify gaps in your team with your resource loader count and available team members.

Quickly add new team members seamlessly to your project and boards.

Global search to draft in users across your organisation, different projects and from other accounts within PlanLaoder

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Manage your projects, communicate with the team, get instant progress updates, analyse your project cost and much more. 

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