Whether you want to create a board to manage a specific team in an office, or manage an entire work package or discipline on a project we have the tool for you. Boards allow users to break their projects down into manageable chunks and dictate access and visibility to only the required teams. This allows the ability for users to home in on what they require to successfully complete a project, allowing them fast and easy manovering through multiple different boards.

What is it?

PlanLoader encourages ‘best practice’ by assisting users to outline their plan of activities through 6-12 week Look Aheads and subsequently adding the required detail as the plans are reviewed and validated. PlanLoader offers Project Managers the ability to subdivide activities into measurable tasks which places a level of accountability on those assigned. People are the most important aspect when aiming to ensure that a project is a success. Keeping people informed during project delivery is vital. Often, plans are revised but this information does not always filter to those that should made aware. Decisions can be made that can have a direct or indirect impact on others involved in the project. Deadlines can be put in danger of not being achieved. Planloader allows the sharing of and overlaying of simple plans with the team: what is going to be done, when it is going to be done, and most importantly, who’s in charge of what.

  • Linking of tasks to other tasks and milestones
  • Simple visuals on impacts to critical path
  • Team have visuals on the impact their delays will cause Smooth interface for quick visuals on delays for resolution