Our intuitive design has allowed us to solve one of the industry's longest standing issues. Our easy to use interface simply allows you to toggle on and off multiple boards simultaneously. So whether you like working in detail on one board, or you want an overall visual of the entire project, you can do so by using Planloader.

What is it?

An intuitive interface allows users to overlay different boards though easy-touse toggles that assist management to visualize and optimise progress and by preventing potential clashes due to overlaps in the sequencing logic. User’s are empowered to develop their own plan of works while also being able to understand how their plans align to other users involved in the project. The system allows the user to coordinate their works and limit the likelihood of coordination conflicts with others working in the same area. Master Schedules and Contractor Programmes can be imported into individual boards in a clearly defined, sorted and filtered format. This allows the User to quickly align the deliverables for the project and add further sequence granularity in an easily understood manner that can be shared with top level executives through to the operatives on the ground.

  • Develop detailed Plans or schedules per discipline
  • Share with your team of choice
  • Toggle on other shared boards to overlay schedules
  • Link tasks between boards for cross team coordination