Visualise and action your tasks with a Kanban view.

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Quick action drag and drop for close out of tasks

Move any card to the relevant available swimlane to change their current status, whenever it's possible.

Fast and effective means of method to visualise and action your current tasks in stacked kanban view.

Introducing your project team to the visual benefits of Kanban and visual management.

Switch between a Kanban view for Milestone, Activity or Task depending on your needs.

Find all of your tasks grouped by the activity which they belong to.

Organise your priority tasks in a workflow that makes sense

Choose a priority to give to your tasks: High, Medium, Low or don't assign a priority at all.

All your tasks are visualised in a structured card view with pop out capabilities for more details and information.

I would use Planloader for its messaging capabilities alone, far more structured to working environment than whatsapp or slack.

 Peter Sockett 

Construction Director

Been very handy tool to manage my team of cleaners across a large geograhic spread. I can visualise my team across different cities or home in on a particular building and floor.

Paul O Connor 


I would recommend Planlaoder to anyone who would want to digitalise their project management approach. It's very easy to use even for a novice and saves up lot of hustle.

 Claire Crowley 

Project Controls Director

Companies that trust us

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