Plan it right first time with visual Timelines

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Better visuals on your tasks using advanced Gantt inspired scheduling tool.

Scroll to see your activities, tasks and milestones all in a clever Gantt view

Convenient team collaboration with import functionality from P6 or Asta

Toggle on & off boards to visualise overlaid schedules and their impacts

Identify dependencies and critical paths using smart task linking

Full linking capabilities of activities to identify impacts on delays on the overall project milestones

Live Project dropline updating with clever pump handle visuals to show the actual start and finish time as well as impact on milestones

Maintain your schedule logic and linking data through smart integration with your schedule authoring platform


Innovative new visual to display planned v actual completion from live real time data

Get clear colour status updates on activities and tasks in real time and see how they will impact on the project completion in the long run

Ability to add new activities and manually update their start time and durations within the Gantt view

Integration with the 'Join Early' actions on the team members mobile and desktop to give management live visuals of early started activities

Companies that trust us