PlanLoader has a built-in warning system that assists managers to quickly identify problems before they become critical; Thereby mitigating the risk of the problem having an adverse effect on the project schedule or project cost.

Planloader supplements this with simple visual indicators to demonstrate the status of each task individually. The colour of each status is instantly recognisable: the colours and order in which they appear are referenced in the Planloader logo.

What is it?

The statuses are designed to provide a structured approach for identifying issues. The user can quickly focus their attention on where it is required most and eliminate the root cause of a problem. It is a powerful technique that assists in leveraging the time of the available resources. The creativity and talent of people involved in the project is used in the most efficient manner possible.

The Board owner, manager or Lead can quickly review each Board and can challenge issues that appear to be running slowly or making no progress thanks to a clever visual colour system.

Issues that cannot be resolved locally can be easily escalated by the by either the task owner or even the team to their direct line or functional manager for resolution. All escalated tasks or warnings are easily identified for the Owner or Manager to resolve.

  • Customisable warning parameters
  • Automatic Early warnings on tasks if passing certain time
  • Automatic late warnings on tasks if passing certain time
  • Simple visual system for quick review of status