Instantly know what

needs your attention

with warning alerts

Modern new age visuals encouraging you of hot topics and importance

Get informed on all the details of your task before it starts

Know the risks that compromise the completion of the task before it's too late

Get reminded to accept the task and let your team members know before issues arise

Smart warnings to track your teams ready to take on a job

Get warned if any team member has not confirmed their acceptance of the task

Get notified when the number of team members working on the task is less than the number required to complete the task

Be informed if tasks are about to start under resourced


Clever warning reminding your team that a task is at risk of being late

Get an "Early Warning" if all team members have not accepted the task before the planned start date/time

Get a "Late Warning" when tasks are nearing completion based on a percentage of the totals task hours having passed

Manually select when the Early and Late Warning should be triggered according to your preferences

Dynamic roadblock system in-built to manage project constraints

Instant roadblock warnings if team members raise constraints in the group chat

Quickly resolve any conflict by letting the others know straight away

Have a dedicated chat about the blocker that has been raised so you won't interfere with other team conversations


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