When you work in an organisation, the most important part when you finish working on a task is to get it approved. And in order to get it approved you will need to follow the organisation hierarchy. PlanLoader had come up with an intelligent solution where it identifies your organisation hierarchy and automatically sends the approval requests accordingly. This creates an automatic workflow process and also an audit trail along with it.

What is it?

PlanLoader has been developed after years of industry exposure and extensive research of the construction industry, therefore we've integrated an approval process into the software. PlanLoader takes in the user details and builds an organisational structure which makes it easy to identify the line manager for each individual. When a task is marked as complete by the user, a notification is sent to the line manager in order to review the work. Managers can then review the process and can accept it or reject it. Based on the decision by manager, if the process is rejected, then user is notified and he needs to redo the process. Utimatly it passes to the Client for approval to close out the process and acts as a sign off / validation.

  • Customisable approval processes
  • Build in gateways for sign off prior to completion
  • Full visual status on task status and hold up
  • Attach signature, image and notes to each task